Suzanne Harel


Suzanne Harel’s intuitive creative process, her ability to listen and her rigour allow her to fully understand the directors and filmmakers with whom she collaborates, while transposing their vision to the characters she dresses. For more than 35 years, she has created remarkably accurate stage, TV, film and variety show costumes.

She had a hand in fashioning famous theatrical, musical and variety show characters for renowned directors, most notably Claude Meunier, Louis Saïa, Yves Desgagnés, Normand Chouinard, René Richard Cyr, Dominic Champagne, Denise Filiatrault and Simon Boudreault. She created a wide variety of TV costumes: who can forget her memorable designs for Cover Girl and La Petite Vie as well as those for LA Vie La Vie, Jack Carter, Laura Cadieux, Bob Gratton, Dieu Merci !, Temps dur and. Mirador.

In 2018, she created the costumes for the movie La Beauté du Monde by André Forcier and for the stage productions of Revue & Corrigée (for the 10th consecutive year) as well as those of Comment je suis devenu musulman and l’Homme Éléphant, both productions will be touring in 2019.

Suzanne Harel received nominations for the Gémeaux, Gascon-Roux, Génie, Jutras and Masques awards. In 2005, the Gémeaux honoured her with the Jean Besré Trophy:  Favourite Artisan Best Distinguished in Television as well as the 2006 Gémeaux Best Costume award for Cover Girl II (episode 16). Furthermore, she garnered 3 Gascon-Roux awards for Don Quichotte (1998), Ubu roi (2008), and Le Mariage de Figaro (2009).

To keep her artistic flame burning, she divides her time between creating in her studio and singing with the vocal ensemble, Voix Ferrées. Suzanne also draws live models and paints canvases, which she sometimes exhibits.

Photo Credit: Amélie Frédérick.