Mireille Vachon


Mireille Vachon has worked as a costume designer for over 30 years. Her creations are a testimony to her imagination and unbridled creativity. Her costumes have clothed the characters of more than 100 international and Canadian productions for the theatre, circus, opera, events, dance, television film, advertising.

Mireille has left her mark on the world of television. Her inventive and fanciful spirit was put to good use on several children and teen series, namely Ari Cui Cui, Code Max, Comment devenir une légende, Salmigondis, Les Hipaloulas, Les Argonautes, Kaboum, Tohu-Bohu and La Princesse Astronaute. Her costumes are seen on television talk shows, variety shows and in ads as well.

Her many designs have been part of an impressive array of major events. While collaborating on the production of more than 20 operas, Mireille worked with several prestigious production companies, namely Cirque Eloïze, Cavalia, Cirque du Soleil, Novalux, Starlight Circus and the Russian show Ryshkoff on Ice. She designed the costumes for more than 70 plays for children and adults.  Of late she created the costumes for Ladies Night, les Fantastix, Immortal Chi presented in China and on tour and Rhytmos de la Noche in Mexico.

Mireille has also made a name for herself in the fields of contemporary dance and music by taking part in the production of Line One, Debra Brown’s multidisciplinary show, and the productions of On Air, Off Air and Rhytmos de La Noche.

Mireille was nominated ten times for the Prix Gémeaux and three times for the Soirée des Masques. . In 2002, she received the Théâtre Denise-Pelletier Students’ Choice Award and won the Prix Gémeaux for Best Costume Overall for the 1995 production of La Princesse Astronaute.